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First Gynaecological Consultation
Project/Activity details
Project/Activity title First Gynaecological Consultation
Type Transnational
Level International
Project Affiliation with IFMSA Standing Committees
Parties involved
IFMSA NMOs involved IFMSA- Poland, SloMSA, APEMH
Countries of implementation Poland, Slovakia, Peru
Partners FIGO, National AIDS Center, AVON, League Against Cancer
Contact details
Start Date ---
End Date ---
Details of the Project
Aim The aim of the lessons is to change the phobia and promote the regular gynecological examinations. We mainly want accustom girls with first gynecological consultation in general and share knowledge about cancers, the reproductive health and breast-self examination. Some contraception methods are tried to be passed on.

We promote the regular breast self-examination and doing cytology among young girls believing that the earlier they begin, the better and longer result they bring.
Description “First Gynecological Consultation” is a project created by SCORA Team of IFMSA-Poland, addressed to the young girls attending the high schools or the last classes of the secondary schools (age 14-18) who mostly have not done first gynecological consultation.

The aim of the action is to share with young girls knowledge about “First Gynecological Visit” by itself, "Early Prevention of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer” and the reproductive health problems that they may face beginning from the second decade of their lives.

The topics are discussed during 45- or 90-minute-lessons.

We decided that the "peer education" method will be the best to reach the teenaged girls, particularly talking about sometimes so embarrassing, difficult and private topic.

We want the young girls to associate a gynecological examination with a step into the health future, not an unpleasant duty.
Final comments and follow-up The Project is still developing, we are open to involve many new NMOs to work in FGC.
Last update of data (GMT) 25/11/2009