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Female Genital Mutilation Awareness Project
Project/Activity details
Project/Activity title Female Genital Mutilation Awareness Project
Type Transnational
Level International
Project Affiliation with IFMSA Standing Committees
Parties involved
IFMSA NMOs involved IFMSA-Egypt, MedSIN-Sudan
Countries of implementation Egypt, Sudan
Partners None
Contact details
Website n/a
Start Date 01-08-2009
End Date 01-08-2011
Details of the Project
Aim We are aiming through this project to see a world free from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), to prevent further mutilations and to protect all the girls all over the world from this inhuman act, while respecting their reproductive and human rights.

We hope to develop a basis through which medical students are sensitized and empowered to take on a significant role in preventing Female Genital Mutilation and increase the public awareness about the risks and dangers of this act.

Through a joined effort, we wish to enable a friendly environment to deal with FGM and associated problems and complications far from myths and related stigma
Description Both IFMSA-Egypt & MedSIN Sudan have worked over the past 2 years on this project, MedSIN -Sudan received training from UNICEF on giving Peer Education sessions about FGM, while IFMSA-Egypt received the PE training from the MOH (Ministry of Health). And both organize workshops and trainings to train their members and their fellow medical students about FGM risks. Finally, they both set up campaigns in rural areas where they give medical check-ups for free to the villagers. While the villagers are waiting, they take small groups aside (1:5 ratio, 1 med student to 5 villagers) and talk to them about FGM. In Sudan, the members do the door-to-door activities and ask people to talk about FGM and their personal experiences and feelings about it.
Final comments and follow-up Why a transnational project? During a discussion on the IFMSA SCORA server, a joint initiative between IFMSA-Egypt and MedSIN Sudan was taken to address FGM with the community of medical students gathered in the Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including AIDS. As a public health issue that has a great impact on the global health we had recognized that medical students do serve a role in a joint effort to address this issue in their communities though raising awareness activities, information campaigns, peer education and even a broader spectrum of activities involving all stakeholders while addressing this issue. Thus we found in both NMOs -and maybe a few more- a good seed to start with our project to help and serve our communities.
Last update of data (GMT) 21/11/2009