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SCORA Twinning
Project/Activity details
Project/Activity title SCORA Twinning
Type Transnational
Level International
Project Affiliation with IFMSA Standing Committees
Parties involved
Countries of implementation Austria, Croatia
Contact details
Start Date 01-08-2007
End Date 01-08-2010
Details of the Project
Aim Main aim of the project is cooperation of SCORA teams involved in peer education from 2-3 different NMOs through training and twinning during 3-4 days. Training offers experience and methods exchange, gain of facilitating skills and group discussions in order to develop own strategies in handling delicate teenage issues. Twinning means making new friends and future collaborators through familiar environment in small groups, hosting guest participants in their homes and bringing together different cultures through time spent intensively together.
Further aims are:
1. To standardize the tools, skills and information which are used in peer education:
2. To empower and enlarge the network of all workers in the field of promotion and protection of reproductive youth health
3. To build a supportive environment by youth for youth on international and local level
Description During the biannnual General Assemblies and International Peer Education Trainings as part of pre-Gas different SCORA Teams are holding sessions addressing number of topics including peer education methods exchange. Unfortunately there are students who work on local level in their home countries and who don’t always have an opportunity to attend GAs or pre-GAs and therefore lack the information, ideas exchange and international contacts.
Although electronic communication is widely used, this cannot replace face-to-face meetings. Especially peer education methods need to be seen and first tried out on oneself.

SCORA Twinning consists of:

1. Training in peer education targeting following issues:
• Reproductive health (STIs, sex/gender, contraception)
• Theoretical knowledge that induces behavioural change, formation of one’s personal attitudes and responsability
• Applied peer education methodology: interactive exchange of information, facilitation skills, group dynymics, motivation techniques, life skills, theatre-based techniques, co-facilitation, formulating strong and clear message
• Interdisciplinary approach, supervision, advocating
• Peer counselling and peer support

2. Twinning
The hosting participants provide free accomodation and breakfast in their homes, all other meals are terms of fundraised amount, which means guest participants come up for their own expenses. International dinner with prior joint cooking should be compulsory; it increases teambuilding effectiveness and contributes to greater cultural exchange. Social program include sightseeing and joint activities like sports games or dancing.
Final comments and follow-up All NMOs are invited to implement the project starting with neighbouring countries. Especially NMOs where SCORA or peer education is not established yet have an opportunity to find a twin and to learn directly from experienced members how to organise SCORA activities. Project can be implemented quickly and very cheaply. For any help needed please contact coordinators listed above.
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