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Asian Collaborative Training on Infectious Disease, Outbreak, Natural Disaster and Refugee Management (ACTION)
Project/Activity details
Project/Activity title Asian Collaborative Training on Infectious Disease, Outbreak, Natural Disaster and Refugee Management (ACTION)
Type Transnational
Level International
Project Affiliation with IFMSA Standing Committees
Parties involved
IFMSA NMOs involved AMSA-Philippines, IFMSA-China, IFMSA-Japan, IFMSA-Taiwan, IFMSA-Thailand, LMSA-Libya
Countries of implementation Japan
Contact details
Start Date 01-10-2005
End Date ---
Details of the Project
Aim Goal 1: To increase and develop healthcare students’ awareness of disaster management and role of healthcare professions in times of disasters.
To encourage healthcare students to increase involvement in work areas concerned with assisting people who are influenced by disasters
To encourage other potential participants as healthcare student leaders to become involved in disaster relief and intervention.
Goal 2: To build human resources – trained and motivated doctors who can work to relieve people who are influenced by disasters.
To train healthcare students as youth leaders on disaster related issues.
To provide students with basic professional knowledge and the skills necessary to work in areas struck by disasters in the future.

Goal 3: To motivate trained healthcare student’s to spread their knowledge on disaster preparation and disaster medicine in their own country.
To build the capacity to initiate and participate in project development, implementation and evaluation of disasters in their own countries.
To disseminate outcomes of the workshop to other potential participants in their own countries by implementing follow up activities.
To prepare local healthcare workers on possible outbreaks of infectious diseases prominent and nearby areas that yet to impact the local area.
Goal 4: To cultivate medical field workers who have international perspective in dealing with disaster medicine.
To expose medical students from Asia Pacific to the internationalism of medical field.
To educate future doctors about the close and unbreakable connection, not only of the countries in Asia Pacific region but also of regions around the globe.
To remind medical students the tremendous importance of working on disaster medicine collaboratively, truthfully and diligently with people from other countries
Description ACTION-Project aims to provide a chance to teach “Disaster Medicine” to medical students around the world especially in Asia-Pacific region as well as raising future leaders who can work initiatively under disasters and emergency situations regardless of border.

Our activities can be divided to three obvious purposes:

First, to raise medical students’ interest in “Disaster Medicine” and provide a chance for them to learn about it.
Second, to inform medical students all over the world of the latest trend of “Disaster Medicine” and define the term “disaster, via IFMSA network.
Third, to cultivate good partnerships with other countries, which play a crucial role on the spot of international medical stage in the future.
So far, we undertake the following four actions:
Training camp every summer in an Asian country.
Academic seminar in some countries.
Publication – Project Presentation, Project Fair, Newsletters.
Provide Training sessions and Workshops at the student congress.
Final comments and follow-up For National Member Organisations to join the project, they will have to fill into the Application Form for the Enrollment of the National Member Organisation in the project and submit it to the Transnational Project Coordinator and the Projects Support Division Director.

Once the NMO receives a reply from the Projects Support Division that the application form has been added to the Projects Database, it can proceed with the activities of the project right away.

You will be able to find the Application Form for the Enrollment of NMOs in the Transnational Project with the Transnational Project Coordinator.
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