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Grant name Collaborative Efforts to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
Grant webpage or
Foundation name FedGrants: Federal Funding Opportunities
Foundation webpage
Grant Category Human Rights,Young people
Project Level National
Target Region America
Contact Person responsible for dealing with funding applications
Full name Renee Wright, Project Officer
Street & Number 4770 Buford Hwy, NE
City & Post Code Mailstop K60,
Region & Country Atlanta, GA 30341
Phone 1 770-488-1146
Phone 2
Fax 1
Fax 2
Cellular 1
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Web page
Kind of projects funded
Which are the foundationís/grantís priorities (goals, objectives)? CDCís Procurement and Grants Office has published a program announcement entitled, ďCollaborative Efforts to Prevent Child Abuse.Ē $625,000 [this amount is an estimate, and subject to the availability of funds] will be available in fiscal year 2005 to fund approximately one award. The purpose of the program is to: support existing state and local collaboratives in the prevention of child sexual abuse. More specifically, the purpose of this program is to integrate strategies that address (1) adult and community responsibility (2) the prevention of perpetration and (3) all levels of the social ecology (i.e. individual, relationship, community, and societal) into existing state and local level collaboratives that address CSA prevention.

For complete program details, please see the full announcement on the CDC website at The estimated funding date is September 30, 2005.
Who can apply? Applications may be submitted by an organization with state-wide reach and expertise in the primary and/or secondary prevention of child sexual abuse who are current recipients of funds for the Collaborative Efforts to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse program, Program number 02124.
Procedure for making an application
Is there an application? How do we find it? Application:

Electronic Submission:

You may submit your application electronically at: Applications completed online through are considered formally submitted when the applicant organizationís Authorizing Official electronically submits the application to Electronic applications will be considered as having met the deadline if: (1) all parts of the online application are noted as COMPLETE on the Application Forms Status menu, (2) the application has been submitted electronically by the applicant organizationís Authorizing Official to on or before the deadline date and time.

It is strongly recommended that you submit your grant application using Microsoft Office products (e.g., Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.). If you do not have access to Microsoft Office products, you may submit a PDF file. Directions for creating PDF files can be found on the Web site. Use of file formats other than Microsoft Office or PDF may result in your file being unreadable by our staff.

CDC recommends that you submit your application to early enough to resolve any unanticipated difficulties prior to the deadline. You may also submit a back-up paper submission of your application. Any such paper submission must be received in accordance with the requirements for timely submission detailed in Section IV.3. of the grant announcement. The paper submission must be clearly marked: "BACK-UP FOR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION." The paper submission must conform with all requirements for non-electronic submissions. If both electronic and back-up paper submissions are received by the deadline, the electronic version will be considered the official submission.

Paper Submission:

If you plan to submit your application by hard copy, submit the original and two hard copies of your application by mail or express delivery service. Refer to section IV.6. Other Submission Requirements for submission address.

You must submit a project narrative with your application forms. The narrative must be submitted in the following format:

Maximum number of pages: 20. If your narrative exceeds the page limit, only the first pages, which are within the page limit, will be reviewed.

Font size: 12 point unreduced

Double spaced

Paper size: 8.5 by 11 inches

Page margin size: One inch

Printed only on one side of page

Held together only by rubber bands or metal clips; not bound in any other way.

Your narrative should address activities to be conducted over the entire project period, and must include the following items in the order listed:

Applicant Organizational History, Description of Capacity

Applicantís Plan for Implementing this cooperative agreement

Applicantís Management and Staffing


Measures of Effectiveness

Proposed Budget Justification

The proposed budget justification will not be counted in the stated page limit.

In addition, applicants must comply with state and local reporting requirements. Your narrative must address the importance of responding to state guidelines, state and local reporting requirements and interdisciplinary services available.

Additional information may be included in the application appendices. The appendices will not be counted toward the narrative page limit. This additional information includes:

Curriculum Vitaes,


Organizational Charts

Letters of Support, etc.

You are required to have a Dun and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number to apply for a grant or cooperative agreement from the Federal government. The DUNS number is a nine-digit identification number, which uniquely identifies business entities. Obtaining a DUNS number is easy and there is no charge. To obtain a DUNS number, access or call 1-866-705-5711.

For more information, see the CDC web site at:

If your application form does not have a DUNS number field, please write your DUNS number at the top of the first page of your application, and/or include your DUNS number in your application cover letter.

Additional requirements that may require you to submit additional documentation with your application are listed in section "VI.2. Administrative and National Policy Requirements."
Is there a deadline for applications? April 5, 2005

Explanation of Deadline: Applications must be received in the CDC Procurement and Grants Office by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the deadline date.
When is it best to apply?
Selection procedure for applicants?
Who decides how much to allocate? Applications will be reviewed for completeness by the Procurement and Grants Office (PGO) staff and for responsiveness by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Incomplete applications and applications that are non-responsive to the eligibility criteria will not advance through the review process. Applicants will be notified that their application did not meet submission requirements.

An objective review panel comprised of CDC-wide employees will evaluate complete and responsive applications according to the criteria listed in the "V.1. Criteria" section above.

CDC will provide justification for any decision to fund out of rank order.
What is the maximum amount / percentage of the total project cost awarded per project? $210,000 (1/3)
Should any additional documents be included with the application? Yes. Please read the section for applications.
Does the grant require the US tax exempt status (501(c)(3) nonprofit status) in order to apply?
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