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Grant name Joint Actions (Action 4)
Grant webpage
Foundation name European Commission
Foundation webpage
Grant Category Human Rights,Young people,Mobility,Democracy,Sustainable Development,Disadvantaged people,Other
Project Level International,Regional
Target Region Europe
Contact Person responsible for dealing with funding applications
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Kind of projects funded
Which are the foundationís/grantís priorities (goals, objectives)? Joint Actions aim to promote a "Europe of knowledge" and focus on themes that, by their very nature, are not limited to one field alone, i.e. education, training or youth policy. They call for reinforced cooperation between actors from various sectors and fields of knowledge. The EU programmes SOCRATES, LEONARDO DA VINCI and YOUTH are complementary instruments that aim to create European-level conditions under which learners of all ages are able to acquire the experience, knowledge and skills they need to live, work and actively participate in society. Joint Actions are included in all three Programmes and give concrete form to complementarity by implementing initiatives that extend beyond the scope of a single Programme. Joint Actions may also be extended to other fields, for example culture.

Joint Actions also aim to encourage the development of innovative approaches to analysing and solving problems which cut across several areas. This objective will be achieved primarily through cooperation between different sectors at different levels, transnational networking of different types of actors, as well as by removing barriers between different modes of intervention.
Who can apply?
Procedure for making an application
Is there an application? How do we find it? Joint Actions are subject to calls for proposals published in the Official Journal of the European Communities. These will indicate the themes to be addressed, their objectives and context, the types of project envisaged, the support and budget available, eligibility and selection criteria, financial conditions, as well as the application procedure and deadlines.
Is there a deadline for applications?
When is it best to apply?
Selection procedure for applicants?
Who decides how much to allocate?
What is the maximum amount / percentage of the total project cost awarded per project?
Should any additional documents be included with the application?
Does the grant require the US tax exempt status (501(c)(3) nonprofit status) in order to apply?
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Additional info/Follow-up and history between this foundation and/or specific grant and IFMSA international and/or IFMSA members (NMOs)
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