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Grant Info
Grant name Administrative Grant for INGYOs (category c)
Grant webpage
Foundation name European Youth Foundation
Foundation webpage
Grant Category Young people,Sustainable Development
Project Level Regional
Target Region Europe
Contact Person responsible for dealing with funding applications
Full name Ms. Bente Møller Poulsen
Street & Number
City & Post Code
Region & Country
Phone 1 +33 3 88 41 32 05
Phone 2
Fax 1
Fax 2
Cellular 1
Cellular 2
Web page
Kind of projects funded
Which are the foundation’s/grant’s priorities (goals, objectives)? The European Youth Foundation may, on an annual basis, grant international non-governmental youth organisations or networks a contribution to cover part of the general administrative costs involved in running their activities at European level.
Who can apply? An international non-governmental youth organisation or network involved in youth work that already has European structures or a European secretariat.

In this case, your members joined voluntarily and you have branches in at least seven Council of Europe member states, with a minimum of 100 active members in each (members or young people who regularly attend your activities).

Moreover, you must have received at least one grant from the EYF for a category A, B or D (granted between 1 January and 1 April) activity in the course of the year in which the application for an administrative grant is made.
Procedure for making an application
Is there an application? How do we find it? Submitting an application

The grant application form must be filled out in full in English or French (the Council of Europe's working languages) online on the EYF web site.

Below are some practical guidelines to help you complete the form.

(!) Attention! ALL fields marked in red are mandatory.


When you log in and click on Category C / Application form, the number and name of your organisation will be filled in automatically.


These fields are filled in automatically.

Structure of the organisation

Please indicate the type of organisation (if it has an independent structure or is the youth section of an adult organisation), its composition (individuals or organisations), the name of the sovereign decision-making body of the organisation and how this body is composed, as well as the composition of the Executive/Bureau.

Organisation’s activities

Please give a short description of the main activities undertaken by your organisation over the past two years (major statutory meetings, camps, conferences, seminars, publications, etc.). Do not include activities undertaken with the support of the EYF or the European Youth Centres.

Membership of the organisation

Please provide contact details of each national member organisation, as well as the number of people who are members of each organisation.

Administration of the organisation

If your organisation employs staff in its secretariat or European structure, please provide written proof (employment certificates).

Simply click on the BROWSE button and specify the file on your computer or network to be attached. Once the name of your file appears in the right field, click ATTACH.

NOTE: Only one file can be attached per session; therefore, please make sure that the information you wish to send is compiled in one file.

Organisation’s administrative budget

Please indicate the total expenditure over the past year for the administration of your organisation (statutory meetings, salaries, rent, telephone, postage, etc.) and the total income (from member organisations, EYF administrative grant, other sources).

Do not include programme activities in the budget.

Legal notice

If the application is successful and a grant is allocated by the EYF, the person responsible in your organisation (this information is taken from the NGO registration form and can be modified) undertakes to send the documentation specified in the application form.
Is there a deadline for applications? The deadline for applications is 1 April 2004 for the year 2004.
When is it best to apply? Before deadline
Selection procedure for applicants?
Who decides how much to allocate? The EYF
What is the maximum amount / percentage of the total project cost awarded per project? About 35,000 Euros
Should any additional documents be included with the application? Yes, cjeck the application form.
Does the grant require the US tax exempt status (501(c)(3) nonprofit status) in order to apply? NO.
Additional Info/Follow-up
Comments A successful previous grant application of categories A or B or D is required in order an INGYO to apply to this grant.

European Youth Foundation
Directorate of Youth and Sport
30, rue Pierre de Coubertin
F- 67000 Strasbourg
Tel: (33) 03 88 41 32 05
Fax: (33) 03 90 21 49 64
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