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Grant Info
Grant name Fight against illnesses due to poverty (HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis) in developing countries
Grant webpage
Foundation name EUROPA
Foundation webpage
Grant Category Public Health,Disadvantaged people
Project Level International,National
Target Region Africa
Contact Person responsible for dealing with funding applications
Full name Mr Marc de Bruycker
Street & Number B-1049 Brussels
City & Post Code Brussels
Region & Country
Phone 1
Phone 2
Fax 1
Fax 2
Cellular 1
Cellular 2
Web page
Kind of projects funded
Which are the foundation’s/grant’s priorities (goals, objectives)? The programme aims to increase efforts to prevent and control the three main illnesses (HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis) due to poverty. Special attention should be given to the role of women in the fight against these illnesses. The programme shall be directed primarily at the poorest and least developed countries and the most disadvantaged sections of the population of developing countries.
Types of actions
• development of vaccines
• capacity building of developing countries in relation to the preparation and execution of vaccination programmes
• therapeutic support
• sensibilisation campaigns
• actions of education, communication and information in order to reduce risk behaviour
• research and support to the efforts undertaken by elderly people to face their impoverishment resulting from illnesses like AIDS.
Who can apply? The agents of co-operation eligible for financial support under this Regulation include:
• national, regional and local government departments and agencies,
• local authorities and other decentralised bodies, including traditional social structures,
• regional organisations and international organisations,
• research institutes and universities,
• local communities and the private sector, including NGOs, women's organisations and groups and grassroots associations
• Grants may be awarded to Beneficiaries from Member States and from developing countries.
Procedure for making an application
Is there an application? How do we find it?
Is there a deadline for applications?
When is it best to apply? Grant award is generally following call for proposals. The announcement notice, guidelines and application form of calls for proposals are published on the Europa web-site ( - click "Go directly to tender opportunities and calls for proposals").
Selection procedure for applicants?
Who decides how much to allocate?
What is the maximum amount / percentage of the total project cost awarded per project? Financial assistance for a project will generally consist of a contribution, and will only in a limited number of cases cover the total cost of the project.
Should any additional documents be included with the application?
Does the grant require the US tax exempt status (501(c)(3) nonprofit status) in order to apply? No
Additional Info/Follow-up
Additional info/Follow-up and history between this foundation and/or specific grant and IFMSA international and/or IFMSA members (NMOs)
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