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  Research Exchange : Exchange Conditions of AMSP(Armenia)
Deadline for application
(months in advance)
Hard copy Documents required 1. Application form (eAf)
2. Passport copy
3. Two passport size photos
4. Motivation letter
5. Recommendation letter
6. Language certificate
7. Curriculum vitae
Digital documents required
Special requirements The AF has to be filled in completely with 3 prefered projects chosen and the desired period (month).
We only accept medical students. Friends, relatives or pets are not welcomed.
Incoming students are requested to bring white coat and stethoscope(for clinical RE) with them.
Available Universities / Cities for
Incoming Students
Yerevan State Medical University (Yerevan)
Periods for each Univeristy/City
Card of Acceptance at least
(weeks before starting the RE Program)
Card of Confirmation at least
(weeks before starting the RE Program)
Substitutions The substitute is accepted if there is agreement between two NOREs. Must be reported to the NEO at least 3 weeks
before the beginning of the program. Must be the same period and project.
Working hours 4-5 hours per day; from Monday to Friday
Board & Lodging Free on Bilateral agreement. Money is given for board. Students are placed in student hostels.
Unilateral fee is 200 Euros and covers expences for board and lodging.
Social Program Available all year around, mainly in summer period.
Pocket Money Yes
Insurance required Yes
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