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  Professional Exchange : Exchange Conditions of MedSIN-Sudan(Sudan)
Level of studies Clinical level only.
Type of Clerkship Clinical Clerkship only.
Languages 1-English.
Duration of Clerkship Four weeks, further period will be approved by the agreement between the two NEOs.
Working Conditions -Sunday to Thursday, 6 hours a day (for Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 8 hours).
* 80 % of the working hours are obligatory to be attended otherwise no certificate will be issued.

To ensure high academic quality of the exchange please make use of the logbook. You should receive one in your LC of origin. If not, you may request one at arrival.
Available DepartmentsAcupuncture | Addiction Medicine | Allergy & Clinical Immunology | Alternative Medicine | Ambulatory Care and Prevention | Anaesthesia | Anatomy | Biochemistry | Biology | Biophysics | Chemistry | Dermatology | Dermatovenerology | Emergency Medicine | Epidemiology | Family Medicine | Female Cancers | Forensic Medicine | Genetics | Geriatrics | Gynaecology/Obstetrics | Hematology | Histology | Hygiene | Immunology | Infectious Diseases | Intensive and Critical Care | Internal Medicine-Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Endocrinology | Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology | Internal Medicine-General | Internal Medicine-Hematology | Internal Medicine-Invasive Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Nephrology | Internal Medicine-Noninvasive Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Pulmonary | Internal Medicine-Rheumatology | Internal Medicine-Tropical Medicine | Medical Ecology | Microbiology | Molecular Medicine | Musculoskeletal | Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine | Neurology | Nuclear Medicine | Occupational Medicine | Oncology | Ophthalmology | Otorhinolaryngology | Paediatrics | Paediatrics-Neurosurgery | Paediatrics-Oncology | Paediatrics-Surgery | Parasitology | Pathology | Pathophysiology | Pharmacology | Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation | Physiology | Physiotherapy | Primary Care | Psychiatry | Psychotherapy | Radiology | Radiotherapy | Respiratory Medicine | Sleep Disorders | Social Medicine | Sports Medicine | Surgery-Cardiothoracic Surgery | Surgery-Cardiovascular Surgery | Surgery-Gastrointestinal Surgery | Surgery-General | Surgery-Hand Surgery | Surgery-Head and Neck Surgery | Surgery-Maxillo-facial Surgery | Surgery-Neurosurgery | Surgery-Orthopedics | Surgery-Plastic Surgery | Surgery-Shoulder & Elbow Surgery | Surgery-Thoracic Surgery | Surgery-Transplantation Surgery | Surgery-Vascular Sugery | Traumatology | Tropical Medicine | Urology |
Disciplines -All clinical fields are available except Psychiatric medicine, which is available for students who can speak Arabic.
-We don't accept preclinical students.
-Students are to bring white lap coats.
-There is a good chance to practice the tropical medicine in the Tropical Hospital in Khartoum.
Periods & Towns Universities/cities are:
-University of Khartoum, Khartoum.
-University of Kordofan, Al-obeid.
-Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University, Bahri.Khartoum
-Rebat National University.Khartoum-Khartoum
-Alnileen University ,Khartoum

We are are working all the Year Except Ramadan (which is from 9th of July to the 8th of August)
Application documents & deadline 1-Official Application Form.
2-Three passport photos (at least).
3-English language certificate.
4-Letter of Motivations to the professors of desired departments.
5-Health insurance policy.
6-Enrollment letter from the faculty to approve that the applicant is a medical student.
*Deadline for application is 3 months before the start of the clerkship.
Digital documents required - Proof of insurance
- Proof of enrollment
- English language certificates
Card of Acceptance deadline
(weeks in advance)
Card of Confirmation deadline
(weeks in advance)
Insurance -Required and should be arranged from the country of the applicant.
Pocket Money depens on the university .It will be for boarding in some of them .
Board & Lodging -Free for Bilateral students.
-250 euros for unilateral students
-Accommodation is only offered in the month of acceptance.
-Boarding arranged 2 times per day, and could not be offered on weekends.
Social Program -It is available and depends on the Local Committee and on the time of year of your Clerkship.
-Is run by the Head of social program office, contact person, exchange office members and other students. A clear program will be handed with the welcoming package about the social program during the period of stay. It includes: trips inside the city, visiting the museums and Nile trips.
-In weekends, participation in the Health days and Medical tours to the country side. It also includes visiting the pyramids, royal city of ancient Meroe and the temple of alnagaa and almusawaraat.
-Usually there is no social program in our exam period: , june and july, but it depends on the LC.
Substitutions -Substitutes should send their information at least 4 weeks before starting clerkship(for the visa) and should be in the same month, sex and department.
Cancellations -Not preferred. But if there is, please inform us two weeks before the start of the clerkship.
The invitation letters will be enclosed with the Card of acceptance.
For some embassies you need another invitation from the university itself.
If still there is any problem to get the visa contact us
Special remarks *Co-accommodation is not available!!
*we can't accept students': pets, partners, parents and kids.
*55 US dollars for Governmental Registration.
*Visa and MasterCard does not work in Sudan.
*euro is better than dollar to bring to Sudan.
*Please, do a phone call to your contact person confirming your arrival time before your flight!!!
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These Exchange Conditions
are valid until:
Last update of data (GMT) 26/07/2013