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  Professional Exchange : Exchange Conditions of IMSA - Iran(Iran)
Level of studies Clinical and pre clinical students
Type of Clerkship Clinical - Preclinical
Languages English-Persian
Duration of Clerkship 3-4 weeks
Working Conditions Depending on the local committee and the department at the hospital (usually about 6-8 hours a day).
Available DepartmentsAcupuncture | Addiction Medicine | Allergy & Clinical Immunology | Alternative Medicine | Ambulatory Care and Prevention | Anaesthesia | Anatomy | Biochemistry | Biology | Biophysics | Chemistry | Dermatology | Dermatovenerology | Emergency Medicine | Epidemiology | Family Medicine | Female Cancers | Forensic Medicine | Genetics | Geriatrics | Gynaecology/Obstetrics | Hematology | Histology | Hygiene | Immunology | Infectious Diseases | Intensive and Critical Care | Internal Medicine-Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Endocrinology | Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology | Internal Medicine-General | Internal Medicine-Hematology | Internal Medicine-Invasive Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Nephrology | Internal Medicine-Noninvasive Cardiology | Internal Medicine-Pulmonary | Internal Medicine-Rheumatology | Internal Medicine-Tropical Medicine | Medical Ecology | Microbiology | Molecular Medicine | Musculoskeletal | Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine | Neurology | Nuclear Medicine | Occupational Medicine | Oncology | Ophthalmology | Otorhinolaryngology | Paediatrics | Paediatrics-Neurosurgery | Paediatrics-Oncology | Paediatrics-Surgery | Parasitology | Pathology | Pathophysiology | Pharmacology | Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation | Physiology | Physiotherapy | Primary Care | Psychiatry | Psychotherapy | Radiology | Radiotherapy | Respiratory Medicine | Sleep Disorders | Social Medicine | Sports Medicine | Surgery-Cardiothoracic Surgery | Surgery-Cardiovascular Surgery | Surgery-Gastrointestinal Surgery | Surgery-General | Surgery-Hand Surgery | Surgery-Head and Neck Surgery | Surgery-Maxillo-facial Surgery | Surgery-Neurosurgery | Surgery-Orthopedics | Surgery-Plastic Surgery | Surgery-Shoulder & Elbow Surgery | Surgery-Thoracic Surgery | Surgery-Transplantation Surgery | Surgery-Vascular Sugery | Traumatology | Tropical Medicine | Urology |
Disciplines Emergency Medicine, General Surgery,
Infectious disease (TB) ,Gynecology (girls only), Ophthalmology
Periods & Towns Tehran, Isfahan
Application documents & deadline 1- 1 passport sized photos
2- letter of motivation,
3- vaccination documents,
4- letter of recommendation from a teacher at your medical faculty,
5-insurance certificate
Digital documents required
Card of Acceptance deadline
(weeks in advance)
Card of Confirmation deadline
(weeks in advance)
Insurance It is a MUST to have health insurance for the exchange period. We do not bear any responsibility for students who have no medical coverage. A proof of Hepatitis B, Tetanus vaccination is needed in all the cities, as well as the insurance certificate.
Pocket Money No
Board & Lodging At least one meal per day will be provided.
Accommodation will be provided in medical students' dormitory.
Social Program It depends on local committee.
Substitutions 4 weeks before the beginning of the clerkship. If the time is over whenever the first student cancels the clerkship...the contract will be considered as "used", since we have to arrange everything for the student at least a month before his/her arrival.
Cancellations 2 weeks before the beginning of the clerkship.
Visas All countries who need VISA should tell us as soon as possible.
We also need to know the necessary documents and the phone, fax and address where we have to send them. Tell us if the student needs IL or other additional documents 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE, since embassies are SLOW...
Special remarks Please ask if you'd like to be placed together with another person.
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These Exchange Conditions
are valid until:
Last update of data (GMT) 03/08/2012